SonicPhoto 1.22 Silver Portable

SonicPhoto is an audio program to convert from pictures to sound. Use your existing photo collection or draw your own in Photoshop (or any other paint editor) and with a click of a button, watch SonicPhoto create the sound before your eyes. Inspired by the existing PhotoSounder program from Michel Rouzic, SonicPhoto loses the internal paint editor and sound importer, but gains automatic and convincing stereo, and a unique harmony filter to help create distinct and professional effects ranging from sparkling synths and rippling arpeggios, to roaring bass and metallic drones.
Key features

Create an infinite variety of sounds ranging based on the patterns found in any picture
Instrument and harmony quantization so you can create tonal sounds
Dozens of in-built presets, so you can immediately try sounds out and experiment
Convincing stereo is automatically added to all sounds
Very easy to use GUI with everything you need at a click of a button
Well thought out system for loading and save custom projects
Instantly adjust the quality to suit your needs (low for preview, high for final result)

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7 votes Vote

Support dragging pictures into the GUI.

YossiD, 20.08.2017, 10:28
0 votes Vote

Use VSTi's (instruments).

Use VSTi's (instruments like guitars, piano, synth, organs etc....).
gaotd#1 an, 20.08.2017, 16:35
0 votes Vote

Be able to set type of audio tempo, mysterious, Et

William, 20.08.2017, 16:46
0 votes Vote

Use video (changing) images to process endlessly.

Use video (changing) images to process endlessly.
Gary, 20.08.2017, 20:08